Robson Hall

LAW2690 – Corp I

Corporations are legal vehicles created for resource coordination and risk allocation. This course will introduce you to the history, legal framework, constitution, and internal mechanics of entities incorporated in Canada. Along the way, we will highlight challenges arising at the intersection of moral hazard and legal personality. At the end of this class, you will […] Lire la suite

LAW2490 – Trusts

The course will first focus on the setting up and administration of voluntary trusts (including charitable trusts), then cover trusts arising from the operation of the law (constructive and resulting trusts), and conclude with remedies available to beneficiaries. W2015, W2016 Lire la suite

LAW3028 – Copyright

Copyright is pervasive, and structures multiple aspects of your environment, from the movies you can stream on Netflix to the material you will use for this very class. This course will introduce you to the mechanics of the Copyright Act, starting with an overview and introduction to copyright law generally, together with an examination of […] Lire la suite

LAW1480 – Torts

Tort law consists of a collection of individual torts designed to protect particular private interests. It is most easily divided between conduct that is intentional and conduct that is negligent.  After a brief introduction to the law of torts, the 1st term will focus on the intentional torts.  Often referred to as the nominate (named) […] Lire la suite