Discussant: « Art as Praxis and Pedagogy »

The Imagining Justice: Law and Speculative Fictions conference will be taking place at Osgoode Hall Law School on June 5th, 2018.

Sponsored by Law.Arts.Culture and hosted by PhD students Tamera Burnett and Bob Tarantino, the keynote address will be provided by author Guy Gavriel Kay. As noted in the call for papers:

We are looking for interdisciplinary papers that engage with law and speculative fictions in media such as literature, film, television, and comics. Papers can take a critical approach to legal scholarship, using speculative fiction to unpack issues such as sexism, racism, colonialism, hetereosexism, and ableism. Topics such as the use of speculative fiction and storytelling in pedagogy and public legal education are also welcome, as are theoretical papers that explore concepts such as power, control, transgression, and visions of justice. Just as speculative fiction offers authors an endless source of potential stories, we hope that scholars tap into this incredibly diverse and expansive area for their scholarship. Given the interdisciplinary nature of this conference, we are also interested in exploring creative projects that look at law and justice through the lens of speculative stories. We encourage creators to submit their work as well, be it fiction, film, or comics.

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